What I really want to do right now.

    Get all my good friends together for a feast. But not just any feast. A feast that I cooked, that is 100% vegan & gluten free. I’m going through the blog “Fork and Beans” and ikchrlkjhnkwehjwj I’m not even hungry AT ALL and all I want to do is cook. I hate cooking. I suck. I burn 99.9% of everything I cook. Yet looking at how she recreates our non-vegan favorites and makes them look so appetizing and delicious makes me just want to make them myself and give it to my friends. Because I know what they’d think. They would realize that being vegan does not mean I starve myself, or only eat grass. They would realize that I get to eat really yummy food, and stop looking at me like I’m crazy when we go out to eat! I’m not even one of those vegans who always guilt-tripping everyone when they eat meat in front of me! (I admit, part of it is to prove to them that I can cook. I try to bake them things all the time and they assure me they want no part in my cooking escapades.) 

    And I’m not “trying to prove myself”, I’m not insecure about what I eat. I just want to prove to my friends that what I eat is much better than what they eat. I can’t help it, I’m an Aries. I strive to be the best. ;)

    But seriously CHECK THIS BLOG OUT YOU WILL DROOL. Maybe not drool. But I lust after her skills. H-o-l-y c-o-w.

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    Posted on Friday, 13 January
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